Buying a new office

Buying a new office

Selling Your House: Is a Real Estate Agent Necessary?

William Fox

Buying and selling houses may sound fun and easy. Many buyers exist in the real estate market and you might be tempted to sell your house on your own. However, the situation may turn into a nightmare that you never signed up for.

Saving the small commission required to involve an agent may turn out to be more costly especially when you are not well versed in the real estate business. The selling process involves a series of factors that may include the legal ramifications that may crop if paperwork was filled incorrectly, the nature of contract used in the transaction, if there are any negotiations in your favour, and many other legal factors that bind the buyer and the seller.

Below are major reasons why you should never risk selling your home without an agent.

Agents Have Experience in Problem Solving

An inspection conducted before selling your house might reveal roof leaks, plumbing issues, broken window panes, termites, and other minor repair issues. Such issues might have a related impact on the perceived value of your house. An appraisal may also come in with fewer amounts as stipulated in the contract. How well are you prepared to deal with such a situation? Agents who run real estate businesses have gone through the selling and buying process for a long time and have met all sorts of challenges on a daily basis. Get an experienced agent who knows how to handle any issues that may come.

Agents Have the Best Negotiation Skills

Consider selling your house without an agent. What happens when you get an offer as low as half the price you had anticipated? Do you remain silent, respond with a counteroffer, or offer an immediate outright reject? The landscape of negotiations can get complex and coming in as a third party puts you in a buffer zone that will save a lot. Agents can formulate a working strategy to negotiate on your behalf because they have enough intelligence about home buyers.

Agents Have Better Connections

Marketing in the real estate business is not a joke. One has to convince a buyer who has specific needs that your house may not meet. Most real estate agencies build their business by developing a team that works actively with other organizations and bodies when it comes to attorneys, home inspectors, paperwork, mortgages and all other factors involved. With such connections, involving a real estate agent cuts down on lots of struggle and unnecessary hustle.


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